Friday, August 8, 2014

One of many to do lists

School is starting in less than a month and I still have so much to do. This is probably what every teacher is thinking. I started looking at the content of the FLV geometry course and I really like it. It is aligned to the ccss and has interactive geogebra files embedded into the course. The first module (unit) addresses the undefined terms and other foundational geometry vocabulary as well as constructions. This will be a good starting point for my students as I will have to not only help them with content but also teach them how to engage in an online learning. I already updated my syllabus and open house presentation. I am still trying to figure out a way for students to organize their work. In the past I used binders, folders, and interactive notebooks. This year I might use notebooks where students will create guided notes to take while going through the online modules. I am also thinking of having folders for students to keep in the classroom. In the folder I will have a module checklist so students know exactly what they need to do as well as a daily grade sheet that I will fill out based on their attendance and participation in class.
My to do list:
First module check list
Daily grade handout for the first quarter
Add some hands on activities for module one - something with construction
Create a pre assessment for the year
Create quizlet for module 1
Create few more posters

This reminds me that I have to take pictures of my room and post them here.