Friday, August 7, 2015

Tech tools in the classroom

In my classroom I have 1-1 chromebooks. I use brainhoney as my LMS, I used it last year and got pretty good at creating my own content in the course. My favorite part of brainhoney is the gradebook. My students loved seeing the up to date grades and feedback from assignments. They never had to ask me about their grades or their missing assignments so all of the work was on them. In geometry course I used Florida Virtual Course on brainhoney, but I did have to add few lessons that were not addressed as well as I felt they needed to be. I give my students a Cornell style guided notes so they can fill them out as they watch videos or read the content. I also give them approximate time to complete the notes. Even though I want my students to have flexible time to complete the notes, I do also have hands on activities that I want all my students to complete together, so for most part all students work on the same notes, activities at the same time. If I see that student is falling behind I am able to sit with them or a group of them and work together. I also have students stay after school 2 to 3 times a week to work on missing work.

I am working on Unit 1 notes/activity packet for geometry, will post it as soon as I am done.

Other tech tools that I use in the classroom:
Ti Npsire and the Navigator System: I use a lot of the activities from math nspired, especially in my Precalculus class last year, but would like to use more of geometry lessons this year as well. I also did a Pendulum Lab with the motion detectors, it was a hit. My students loved doing hands on activities. If I can plan ahead, I would like to put the worksheets for these nspire activities right in their note packets. I am still a newbie when it comes to the Navigator System. I hope to use it right from beginning with all my classes. It's probably going to take a week or so to distribute chromebooks to my students, so I can use that time to teach students how to use TI Nspire and do some nice interactive activities.

Desmos: I didn't use desmos with my geometry students because I used ti nspires, but in my Precalculus I gave students a painting from our local art museum and had them try to recreate some of it with functions on desmos. It was a great hit, I hope to incorporate desmos more in my class, but will have to see if I am actually teaching Precalculus again.

Geogebra: I loved using geogebra in my geometry class. I loved being able to create or copy others "worksheets", that is what you call the interactive activity in geogebra, and using html code to imbed them into brainhoney lesson. It made the lessons more interactive and my students loved them.

Edpuzzle: I used edpuzzle with all my videos. I would use a youtube or khan academy videos or create my own and upload them to Edpuzzle. I then would create few questions through out the video for students to answer. Using html I embed the videos into brainhoney. I loved that my students couldn't fast forward the video the first time watching it. I also loved the fact that I could cut the video and have students only watch portion of it. Edpuzzle also shows me how many students actually watched the videos and for how long as well as the answers to the questions that they answered. I felt that students were more accountable for their work and their learning, so I was able to help few students at a time and not worry that the other students were not doing their work, they new that I was seeing everything that they were doing.

Kahoot: I talked about this in the previous post. I learned about kahoot this past year and used it at the end of the year. My students got so competitive with it, I will absolutely use it this year as a review activity.

Socrative: I use socrative as a formative assessment after I do a mini lesson. I give my students a quick quiz and go over it. This helps me figure out if I need to pull few students to work in small group with me while others are moving on to watching a video or working in groups.

GoFormative: I am very excited about this tool. This is something I came across a month ago, so I have not used it in my classroom. After watching few tutorials I am excited to try it with my students this upcoming year. My favorite part of this tool is being able to upload a pdf document and make it interactive. I also like that I can post a question and have students draw an answer, great for geometry class.

What technology tools do you like to use in the classroom?

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