Saturday, August 6, 2016

Classroom Management

I have been revisiting my classroom management and rituals and routines in the classroom for the start of the year. I have came up with a list of items that I either do or want to implement this year with my students to help me with my rituals and routines.

Group Roles: I started using group roles at the end of last school year, can't wait to use them this year. I have the roles taped onto an index card and laminated.
Here are my roles:

FACILITATOR (“The boss”)
focus on group process

·      Reads the problem and the questions
·      Makes sure everyone understands each question before the team begins to discuss it
·      Enforces school CREST
·      Helps the team reach consensus
·      Calls the teacher over for a group question
MONITOR (“The nanny”)
focus on group resources and time management

·      Get & return all needed supplies
·      Keeps everyone on task
·      Monitors time
·       Moves the team along to assure that the tasks are done in the allotted time
RECORDER (“The writer”)
focus on group record

·      Keeps track of the team’s work
·      Writes down the team’s answers
·      Make sure everyone takes good personal notes
·      Sets aside papers for absent group members
PRESENTER (“The star”)
focus on group reporting

·      Makes sure the group discusses how it functioned during the activity
·      Shares information with other groups if necessary
·      Reports the group’s answers during the class discussion

Accountable Talk: I have a bulletin and table signs that address accountable talk. I have students use accountable talk stems when they are working in groups and talking to each other about their task.

Noise Level and How are we learning: I found on pinterest a how are we learning poster so I incorporated it with a noise level poster that my friend has created. See the posters below.
I also has this amazing "Turn and Talk" tips that I use as a reference when students are discussing their bellwork with each other. I also found it on pinterest. 
I created table signs that say group numbers and remind students what are the expectations are based on the kind of activity we are doing.
·       Silent (Level 0)
·       Stay on task
·       Raise hand for help
·       Take turns
·       One partner talks, the other listens
·       6 inch voices (Level 1)
·       Hold each other accountable
·       Eye contact
·       Give everyone group member a chance to speak
·       Respect one another ideas
·       12 inch voices (Level 2)
·       Do your part
Whole Class
·       Listen to others (Level 0 when listening)
·       Raise hand to speak (Level 3 when speaking)
·       Pay attention to your teacher
·       Participate in discussion – share ideas!

Job Roles: I like to have jobs in the classroom, it helps me stay organized and includes students in my classroom routines. I have a bulletin that is designated for the jobs. I do have to add the jobs that will be used this year and who will be doing them.
Here is the list of jobs that I have had in the past: Passing out papers/returning work back to the students,  collecting work from students and putting it in the bin, compiling missing work for absent students, passing out/collecting graphing calculators, passing/collecting supplies, cleaning tables/sweeping, answering the phone.
I would like to use these jobs but also incorporate some of them in my group roles.

Anchor Charts: In the beginning of the year I don't have too many posters on the wall. I have inspirational posters that of course I took from pinterest, but leave a lot of wall space blank. As the year goes on, the students and I create anchor posters to review concepts that we are talking about. I also love to leave student work all over the room. It's fun to see other students coming into my class and asking me what my students were doing.

8 Mathematical Practices: I have posters that I found on pinterest that I have posted in my room. I used the practices a lot in my planning but unfortunately I did not reference the practices posters with my students. Next time I might do a google doc reflection on 8 mathematical practices used, still need to think about this some more.

Daily Points:
In the beginning of the year I used a handout that was in their folder. Everyday I would give students at most 5 points for following rules and expectations in my classroom. This was very time consuming and I ended up coming across It was a game changer, students loved it. Check it out and let me know if you have any questions.

Green, Yellow, and Red Cups:
This is a structure that I have not used yet. I see it being very beneficial when I do group work, which is almost every day. Read more about using green, yellow, red cups from this blog

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  1. So many good ideas in this post! I love the idea of the group signs with the accountable talk prompts. Thank you!