Saturday, August 20, 2016

Geometry Resources 1:1

Our school has implemented 1:1 environment for the last six years, but our district is a little bit behind. I can't blame them, our districts has 27 elementary schools, 14 k-8 and k-12 schools, and 25 secondary schools. This summer the instructional technology team asked me to compile the resources that I already use to teach in the 1:1 environment. They are hoping to share the resources with other teachers in other schools to help them get started with using chromebooks in their classrooms. We use buzz as our learning management system, so naturally I compiled the resources in their, but I wanted to make sure that if we stop using LMS or if I ever go somewhere else I can take the resources with me. So I ended up creating a google spreadsheet with links to the resources that I use. Most of the resources I have not created and tried to give credit to those people that did create them, unfortunately sometimes I don't even know where I got the resource from. I also organized the resources by topics because even though we use common core state standards, NYS has gone through 3 major math content transformations in the last 10 years of me teaching.  I am sharing the document here and would love for all to add more resources. I would also like to do something similar for Algebra as well. Let me know what you think,

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