Saturday, August 6, 2016

Need feedback for a presentation

I am participating in MTBOS Blougust, super excited. This post is to actually ask for some feedback. My friend and colleague and I are presenting at NYSCATE, AMTNYS and STANYS conferences. One of the sessions is called Are my students getting it? Find out through formative assessment with web tools.

Here is the description of the session:
Join two urban teachers as we share the free web tools we have used to monitor student understanding and ensure that our kids are getting it. Leave this session with a repertoire of strategies to enhance formative assessment, generate meaningful data, facilitate student feedback, and drive learning in your 1:1 environment.

We created an outline of the presentation but would like your feedback. Please leave any comments, suggestions in the google doc.

Formative Assessment Presentation

Also if you are interested here is a blog that we are keeping and will be updating as we present at the conferences.


  1. I love that you plan to have the people actually play Kahoot. That's my biggest pet peeve about PD re: technology is that we are told about it but not really involved in using it. I personally don't like making an account with a place just to try it out, so until I know I will like a tech tool, I tend to not sign up for an account. :)

  2. Good to know, thank you for your feedback!!!